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Hunter's Efforts See's Isles Win 3-2 at Gillingham

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Every team has a bogey team and for some reason Invicta has been ours. 1-0 first period through good work from Connor pollard found James white open to score. A scrappy 2nd resulting in Jack sansby leaving the game through a high stick and a couple of stiches. Connor pollard made it 2-0 end of 2nd the third started of fine but a couple of errors lead to Invicta 2-2. Just over 6 minutes left Invicta had a great chance to take the lead with a 2 on 0 break as the boys new a draw would be a nightmare to qualify for the playoffs. but a good save then quick break so us take the lead from Connor Hunter which was the GWG. A time out and a quick system change closed the game out for a hard fought win and 2 points that we needed.

Pitbulls tie up with short benched Isles

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We have had a great cup run and before the start I wouldn't have thought we would make the semi-finals with a game to go. With the injury's phantoms have we have been letting our players play for phantoms while the opportunity is there. We decided to give our others lines more of the ice time because the result wasn't important. no injury's was!!!! Also I gave Steve Wren the chance to run the game for his first senior game, which he done very well. this gave me chance to scout Bristol in case we make the playoffs and have to play them again.

The boys played well and controlled the game with some great goals and Dan making some great saves we took a 4-2 lead. a defensive slip up and a deflection goal 6 secs from the end resulted in a 4-4 tie.

Overall this was a fair result as both teams didn't deserve to lose.

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Player Stats

# Player GP G A TP PIM
1.  Bradley Moore (F) 10 11 16 27 14
2.  James Pentecost(F) 10 7 18 25 10
3.  Conor Pollard (F) 10 12 13 25 4
4.  Connor Stokes (F) 11 9 16 25 4
5.  Nathan Pollard (F) 11 13 11 24 0
6.  Shaun Yardley (D) 11 4 18 22 14
7.  James White (F) 6 6 4 10 0
8.  Clint Herring (F) 8 6 4 10 12
9.  Kenny Bavin (F) 10 3 4 8 4
10.  Alexander Cleves (D) 8 2 5 7 2

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