Islanders Tally Up Another 12

DALROD Peterborough Islanders – 12
Slough Jets – 2

Another goal fest for the Islanders this weekend as they rain another relentless barrage of shots down on Slough. Simon Johnston faced 58 shots from the Islanders, who are on fire at the moment.

The game started fairly slowly as both teams got used to a slightly rough ice surface, but it was the Islanders powerplay that, once again, opened the scoring. It took just 7 seconds with the man advantage for Cleves to break the deadlock with a canon from the point. Two minutes later, McDonald fired in his own in from the point with a fantastic snap shot. Nathan Pollard got the first goal for the Islanders forwards just 1 minute before the end of the period, giving the team a 3-0 lead going into the first break.

Another ice cut improved the surface no end and the Islanders went to work, upping the pressure on the Jets defence. Conor Pollard netted another powerplay goal for the Islanders and later in period picked up a neat little short-handed goal with the help of Brad Moore. If NIHL South 2 had a fantasy league, Conor would have racked up some considerable points this game.

Islanders Streak Continues

DALROD Peterborough Islanders - 9
London Haringey Racers - 3

After a string of road games, the Islanders returned to Peterborough hoping to extend their winning streak to 5.

Confidence was naturally high in the Islanders camp considering their recent form and, with the Racers short of veteran Lee Mercer following a recent suspension, the Racers had a monumental challenge ahead them.

The game started more slowly than would have been expected, with no side really taking charge of proceedings. It was not until a section of 4-on-4 gameplay that the match saw its first sparks. It was London that struck first, nine minutes in. However, once the Isles penalty expired and their clinical power play unit got chance to go to work, the game was tied up courtesy of James White.

The Islanders then started ramp up the pressure. Even the racers power play seemed defenceless against the Islanders onslaught. Nathan Pollard picked up a neat shorthanded goal at 16:27 and one minute from the period close Connor Stokes put his name on the scoresheet, ending the period at 3-1.

Islanders Buffalo The Buffalo

Basingstoke Buffalo - 0
DALROD Peterborough Islanders - 7

The Islanders headed down to Basingstoke for a late Sunday night face off hoping to keep their cup dreams alive.

Fortune favoured the Islanders in the EPL fixtures. The lack of a Phantoms game allowed the Isles to bring in Defenceman Cam McGiffin and Forward Martins Susters as additional support. The two proved their worth immediately. Martins bore down on Basingstoke keeper Lawday and racked up 4 goals in the first period, McGiffin picking assists on three of them.

The whole Islanders team worked as a unit and dominated both the attacking and physical aspects of play. McGiffin, Cleves, Herring, McDonald and Wallis all made noteworthy hits early on. Wallis’ hip check guided a Buffalo player into an unfortunate collision with the bench-plexiglass partition and, as his body wound itself around the pillar, he sustained a sizeable gash across his forehead. He later returned to the game bandaged up and played on, so hopefully the injury is not too serious.

Brad Moore also picked up a goal and assist in the first and brought the period to a 5-0 close.

Islanders Ground Jets

Slough Jets - 2
DALROD Peterborough Islanders - 13

Saturday was the third win on the road in a row for the Islanders as they racked up another huge win in the league.

James White and Nathan Pollard both tallied hat-tricks in the game, as did Conor Pollard, who now has two hat-tricks in as many games.

During the first period the Islanders came out strong and got off to a flying start finding the net 5 times. Yardley fired in the first within six minutes, only to have the game tied up at 1-1 3 minutes later when Underdown made his own mark on the scoreboard. James White and the Pollard brothers soon cemented a lead for the Islanders though, all picking up their first of the night. Before the period ended Pentecost was also able to fire in a goal to give the Isles a 5-1 lead going into the second period.

The second period was a much slower affair. The Isles took their food right off the gas, assuming the game was put to bed. A goaltending change for the Isles just before a power play to the Jets gave the only sparks of the period. Brad Moore netted a surprising short-handed goal for the Islanders with a fantastic counter-attack, but the Jets managed to capitalise on a cold Adam Long 30 seconds later. The period ended at 1-1.

Pollard Ends Racers Streak

Conor Pollard picks up a hatrick as the Islanders power play slices through Racers defence.

The first period was steady from both sides with the Islanders having only a few slightly better chances than the Racers. Defensively the Islanders found their feet and shut down nearly all of Haringey's rushes, forcing shots from tough angles or distance.

Down the other end the Isles found the net twice in the period, only to have both goals disallowed for an offside and an unfortunately timed whistle. However the Islanders got a well deserved lead 9 seconds from the period close - Craig Wallis firing in the first of the Islanders power play goals from the point.

The Racers started the second period on the penalty kill and within 30 seconds C.Pollard slotted home his first of the night. This was followed by another power play goal from Pentecost two minutes later, both goals set up from the point by Cleves and Yardley.

Haringey pulled one back in the period when Clayton found the net, but the period was set to end 3-1.


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