Isles Win Streak Reaches Double Figures

DALROD Peterborough Islanders - 7
Slough Jets - 1

The Islanders made it 10 wins in a row with a victory over the Slough Jets on Saturday.

Slough had been struggling with form coming into the game and were unsurprisingly considered heavy underdogs.

From the drop of the first puck this seemed evident as the Isles controlled the pace of the game. The Jets kept up strong pressure on the puck throughout the period, but picked up a holding penalty early on and allowed the Isles power play a chance to line up. It took just 11 seconds for Nathan Pollard to capitalise on the opportunity and return the Jets to five skaters. This made little difference as, 36 seconds later, Pollard netted his second of the night.

The rest of the period continued with an onslaught of Islanders pressure. Pentecost found Johnston out of position and slotted the puck into the corner for the Isles third goal and his third point of the night. Shaun Yardley and Conor Pollard also picked up two assists a piece for their efforts.

Fraley Nets First as Islanders Shut Out Lions

DALROD Peterborough Islanders – 7

Lee Valley Lions – 0

The Islanders moved their win streak to nine on Saturday with a win over the Lee Valley Lions.

The Lions arrived with a short bench, despite their recent signings from a few former Haringey Racers. They came up against a four line strong Islanders clan with several under 18 players stepping up.

Having already beaten the Lions four times in the season and, given their recent form, the Isles were high on confidence; too much confidence. After a tight-angle goal from Nathan Pollard 1:10 into the game, it looked positive, but the first period continued very slowly and the Islanders looked complacent. Frustrations rose and Brad Moore lashed out in the 20th minute, picking up a two minute roughing penalty and 2+2 for cross-checking. A deflated Islanders team returned to the dressing room just 1-0 up and well aware they were making the game difficult for themselves. They would have to start the next period on the penalty kill.

Islanders Secure Cup Finals Spot

The islanders went into this match needing a win to secure their spot at the cup finals weekend being held at Alexandra Palace.

And they didn't get off to the start they wanted too, with Nathan Pollard and Sam Barlow taking early penalties. Ryan Sutton took advantage of the powerplay for the Buffalo and tapped in a goal on the backdoor to take the lead. The lead would only last just over 5 minutes before the Islanders hit back on a powerplay of their own. Bradley Moore taking a great pass from Connor Stokes before nicely placing his shot into the top corner. The next goal was vital and it was the islanders who got it. After taking a smart pass from Craig Wallis, Nathan Pollard gained the blue line and unleashed a Slap Shot into the top corner of the Buffalo goal, leaving the goalie with no chance and sending the Islanders into the end of the 1st period with a 2-1 lead.

Islanders Extend Streak To Seven With Win Over Warriors

DALROD Peterborough Islanders – 5
Chelmsford Warriors – 4

In a top of the table clash, with the Islanders searching for their 7th straight win against a Chelmsford side that were unbeaten in the league with 9 wins out of 9.

A physical start to the game, with some big hits thrown in for good measure. It would be Chelmsford to start the scoring off on a 5 on 3 power play. With Callum Worthington Evans and Dale Jowett in the box, Chelmsford were able to take advantage of the extra space .Brandon Ayliffe added the finishing touch to a well worked power play goal just before the 10 minute mark. Islanders then had to kill off a long 5 on 3 chance to keep the scoreline the same, as Bradley Moore and Craig Wallis took a trip to the penalty box. With just over 4 minutes to play in the period the Islanders levelled the game, with some nice work from Craig Wallis to keep the puck in the zone, Conor Pollard passed the puck to Nathan Pollard, who caught the Chelmsford goalkeeper by surprise and let go of a well placed shot through Phillips five hole and go into the period break with the scores level at 1-1. End of period shots were 10 on Dan Lane and 15 on Sonny Phillips.

Islanders Tally Up Another 12

DALROD Peterborough Islanders – 12
Slough Jets – 2

Another goal fest for the Islanders this weekend as they rain another relentless barrage of shots down on Slough. Simon Johnston faced 58 shots from the Islanders, who are on fire at the moment.

The game started fairly slowly as both teams got used to a slightly rough ice surface, but it was the Islanders powerplay that, once again, opened the scoring. It took just 7 seconds with the man advantage for Cleves to break the deadlock with a canon from the point. Two minutes later, McDonald fired in his own in from the point with a fantastic snap shot. Nathan Pollard got the first goal for the Islanders forwards just 1 minute before the end of the period, giving the team a 3-0 lead going into the first break.

Another ice cut improved the surface no end and the Islanders went to work, upping the pressure on the Jets defence. Conor Pollard netted another powerplay goal for the Islanders and later in period picked up a neat little short-handed goal with the help of Brad Moore. If NIHL South 2 had a fantasy league, Conor would have racked up some considerable points this game.


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